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Indianapolis Wasp Control & Bee Removal

There are many stinging insects that are native to the Indianapolis area, and for people who have an allergy, finding an experienced wasp control and bee removal company is critical to their health and safety. Affordable Pest Control has more than 20 years of experience in the pest control industry, and if you need reliable pest services, we are here for you. Call us at 317-400-5653 today for a free inspection and quote!

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Native Stinging Insects

While it might seem tempting to perform your own wasp and bee removal, hiring a trained professional will ensure that you don’t get stung and that the job is done properly. A qualified pest control technician will also be able to identify the troublesome insect in order to implement the best pest control techniques. 

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The insects that are native to the Indianapolis area include:

  • Yellow jackets — These insects often nest underground and have black and yellow color patterns on their abdomens. They are very territorial and may sting repeatedly if they feel threatened.
  • European hornets — Often nesting in the cavities of a hollow tree or wall void, this insect is very protective of its nest. They carry smooth stingers and, like yellow jackets, hornets can sting repeatedly.
  • Paper wasps — Known for affixing their papery nest to the eaves on houses, these flying insects are not as aggressive as hornets and yellow jackets, but they have been known to sting if they feel their nest is threatened.
  • Bumblebees — These insects are large and gregarious flyers. They are known for their fuzzy yellow and black body and are not as aggressive as yellow jackets, hornets, and wasps, but will defend their nests.
  • Honey bees — Nesting in hollow trees, wall voids, and attics, honey bees are very docile and are unlikely to sting. They are a critical part of our food supply because they are excellent pollinators. Killing them should be avoided if possible.

How to Prevent Stings

The painful sting of these insects can lead to deadly anaphylactic shock for homeowners who are allergic to wasps and/or bees. If you see any of these flying insects, there are many ways that you can avoid being stung:

  • Don’t swat at flying insects, but walk away calmly
  • Avoid their nest site, if it is known
  • Do not use floral-scented personal care products
  • Cover garbage and pet food
  • Contact a wasp and bee removal expert

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Indianapolis Wasp Control and Bee Removal

Dealing with a wasp or bee infestation can be frustrating. Affordable Pest Control is here for Indianapolis residents who are ready to declare victory in the war against unwanted pests, and we can help you by providing effective wasp control and bee removal. Call 317-400-5653 to speak with a friendly member of our staff.